The fully automatic cleaning stage for all laser-sintering workflows. Indispensable for rapid manufacturing.

The RapidCleaner was originally developed by us for our own needs to make the cleaning of sintered parts easier, faster and cleaner. We now also offer this unique, fully automatic cleaning solution to our customers, who use it with great enthusiasm.

Tedious and very time-consuming manual blasting and cleaning is largely replaced by the RapidCleaner. Even small and deep boreholes are exposed and cleaned in the shortest possible time.


  • Up to several thousand parts per operation, depending on size and geometry
  • Extremely short processing time: 1-10 minutes
  • Fully automated blasting with micro glass beads
  • Absolutely dust-free part quality
  • Perfect cleaning, even with the smallest bore diameters
  • Lowest and optimized blasting material requirement
  • Robust and very low-maintenance system design
  • Suitable for all plastic materials
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Clean separating device

RapidCleaner from CNC Speedform for maximum efficiency in your sintering workflow.