Unpacking Station DePac Combi

The most comfortable and most effective unpacking station for your laser-sintering workflow.

The DePac Combi was originally developed by us for our own needs in order to make the unpacking of sintered components easier, faster and more efficient.

Now you can integrate this station into your workflow to maximize efficiency.



  • Simultaneous unpacking of P700 and P300 containers
  • Robust and very low-maintenance system design
  • Equipment dust EX protection
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Powerful hydraulic lift drive
  • Continuous and smooth adjustment of the construction platform
  • Dust-free working
  • Integrated fine screen separation for mixed powders
  • Integrated waste powder separation
  • Control-monitored powder management
  • Optional image processing
  • Optional powder feed
  • Optionally with ultrasonic sieve
  • Optionally adaptable to other construction container systems

DePac Combi from CNC Speedform – the perfect unpacking station for the P700 and P300 series from EOS